38+ When Do You Have To Take Christmas Decorations Down Pictures. Well when you should remove them all depends on when you decide to. January 7th is when the christmas tree and all the other decorations get taken down.

Do It Yourself – Christmas Decorations – fairdelight
Do It Yourself – Christmas Decorations – fairdelight from fairdelight.files.wordpress.com

It's according old traditions i like special sims decorations, like christmas, to have interactions with them. We decorate our house about two weeks before christmas, and take the decorations down 12 days after christmas day. My decorations go up a week or so later. lucy, 9, london, england.

So that means you should take them down on the 7th of january no matter what year it is.

Every christmas decorations have something special about it. We had to be done decorating early for the judging to take place, hence starting crazy early. The best date to put your decorations away. So for my purposes, the decorations really didn't interest me too much.

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