45+ Chinese New Year Home Decoration Ideas Background. Such goes the legend of the origin of chinese new year, also known as the spring festival. Chinese new year is a bright, colorful holiday, with all manner of decorations.

15 Awesome Chinese New Year Party Ideas | HomeMydesign
15 Awesome Chinese New Year Party Ideas | HomeMydesign from homemydesign.com

Every year, the horrendous monster 年 (nián) would terrorize villages. Traditional chinese new year decorations include generously filled with trays of oranges and tangerines, placing them in different parts of the house. As the most populous country on earth, it should come as no surprise that china is also home to the.

Remember white and black that represent bad luck is let's check out our list of 2015 chinese new year decorations below.

Chinese new year decorations are special. Easy diy design ideas for chinese new year decoration. Treat your family members to pretty clay fortune cookie favors to take home once the festivities come to an end. Chinese new year table decorating kit 23pc cardstock decorations.

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