View New Year Decoration In Japan Background. Do you want to know which ones? Right after christmas, you will want to stay for the country's most important holiday.

Shimekazari | Japanese New Year decoration. It's not a ...
Shimekazari | Japanese New Year decoration. It's not a … from

With celebrations extending until january 3rd, new year in japan is largely a quiet, solemn, family affair. Aliexpress carries many japanese new year decor related products, including fan for dance , japanese lantern , lantern. It is also eaten at festivals, weddings, the building of a new.

Most businesses shut down from january 1 to january 3, and families typically gather to spend homes and entrance gates are decorated with ornaments made of pine, bamboo and plum trees, and clothes and houses are cleaned.

Once christmas is over, the christmas decorations around town are taken down and preparations for the new year's begins. In japan, january 1st is a day to welcome the gods and to pray for the harvest as well as the happiness of the family for the year. These decorations have roots in shinto, the indigenous faith of the japanese and are meant to usher in the new year gods. A few days before the year ends, major house cleaning happens in every household.

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